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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. tonight, the bay area is getting soaked with a big storm system. we are looking at video from earlier, san leandro, daly city, is making for a difficult start and the holiday travel season. and i am in here with the weather center with brian. san francisco is kidding some rainfall? >> yes, we have had some
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areas with marin, san leandro and daly city. >> some pretty decent amounts in marin and that is where we could have the highest totals when this is all over. you can see it is a spotty but action just traces and in san jose from this system but the weather about one-third of 1 in. and higher towards marin county. notice towards the north bay near windsor, there is that yellow showing moderate rainfall but for the most part it is right on its side. the batch of heavy rain fall with sausalito, richmond and alameda. as i mentioned, a it has been pretty dry in the south bay. the santa cruz mountains but not as much for the santa clara valley. this system for tonight and another weather system for tomorrow.
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we could receive at least 1 in. with higher near the rain/sonoma county and the santa cruz mountains. timing it out, coming up. >> the rainfall in the bay area means snowfall in the mountains this is video from squaw valley ski resort opened six days earlier than usual. hundreds of people took the advantage. north star into kirkwood ski resorts are also open. >> caviar king his facing several charges phillipe djegal will explain what happened. a 14 year old. he is facing 10 felony charges of assault, attempted murder, carjacking, armed robbery, kidnapping. >> i do not know why a child
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would do that. >> this bizarre started and ended in this parking lot. he held the woman up at gunpoint and forced her to drive miles down the road were shoe was sexually assaulted, beaten, the tape and left in rich. meanwhile, he called one of the family members when he left her in a ditch and demanded money. when the police returned they spotted king in the victims vehicle with their replica hand gun he was are rested near choice fashion. >> this is worthy i witness this is-were the eyewitness has seen this person. >> i had hoped dead heat will g a f a long time. >> and he will be in it
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court on monday he is currently being held at the juvenile hall. >> this 19 year-old man is for dissipating of the beating and gang rape of a 16 year-old girl at richmond high school in 2009 pleaded guilty. this is the second person to do so if it have happened outside homecoming dance. ari abdallah morales of san paolo is expected to get a 27 year prison sentence after pleading guilty in a martinez court room. manuel ortega was the first defendant to plead guilty to charges and the gang rape case. he accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 32 years in prison last month. four other defendants to return to court next month. also, a
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violent east oakland gang member wanted for jumping bill has been caught. dan kerman tells us. police say the man was spotted by off- duty officer. >> the officer was having a romantic evening with his wife and believe it or not he was also in the restaurant. >> he has been jumping on bail. they called police and contacted oakland police and they sent over a team and asked san francisco police for backup. he was arrested without incident at the came out of the restaurant. >> he has been involved in multiples shootings it is
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only a matter of time before we are physically going to get eyewitness testimony and physical evidence to link him to a out cases. >> they're hoping that this will lead to a decrease in shootings and from his gang and opposing gangs and it will send a message to other violent criminals. there is really no officer that is truly off duty. there will use all resources available to hold violent criminals accountable. in oakland, dan kerman, kron 4. >> it is the end of an era, hostess, the much loved between treats his closing all operations and laying off 18,005 and our workers. including 145 in oakland. dead but a workers' strike crippled its ability to make and deliver products. and hostess says
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that it did warn employes that it could happen if they could not get back and the job by last night we talked to the vice president of the bakers union. >> the members knew that that could have happened when they implemented this. so they knew it we are still here, 24-7. but what will be the process. >> workers went on strike when they tried to cut salaries. here is video of the facility in oakland where workers are protesting this morning. kron4's justin waldman talked to a truck driver who lost his job after seven years with the company. he says he's not sure how we will pay his rent. >> the dates me a phone call and say to not come back. they have locked the doors, even guys that have worked there for 30 years, no
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severance, nothing. >> fans ran to the store in san leandro today stocking up on their favorite snacks shelves for empty people were filling carts and things like twinkies and ding-dongs many say that the tree for part of their childhood. >> i grew up with the cupcakes with the cream in the center and it is a loss. and i feel that some other company will pick it up and produced a hostess name is been around too long. >> they say nobody is waiting in the wings but if there is interested in some of its brands. coming up high-speed transit is on track the tills on the injunction request that was it the relative today. and the call of duty dominates, is that video game made in the first day of sales. >> coming up later, jim harbaugh is ready to go against chicago and stanford
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of sets the first raided the women's basketball and a of the of the warriors coming up... samsung
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>> new at 11 a judge has denied a request from central valley farmers to temporarily block california's ambitious high- speed rail project. today a judge in sacramento denied a request to halt the $68 billion project. groups representing the farmers say the high speed rail authority should halt all the work because the state of violated environmental laws. but the judge ruled that the authority acted reasonably and in good faith. meanwhile, san francisco's sheriff is telling the mayor at least he won't give up oversight of his department's domestic violence prevention program despite being on probation in such a case. ross mirkarimi told mayor ed lee
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in a three page letter that his under-sheriff will handle any disciplinary actions involving his subordinates. the mayor and 38 don't want ross mirkarimi to handle his office is domestic violence related duties. ross mirkarimi is on probation after pleading " guilty " in march to misdemeanor false imprisonment for a new year's eve argument in which he bruised his wife's arm.
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>> the stormtracker has been heavy. with a san rafael getting busy with rainfall, and panel. of moving to the east and towards vallejo and fennel. >> and with the butt of a break for a pane for san francio but take a look at panpanel an.. our activity if at pinole. with santa rosa, nearly one half inch that is for the amounts have been the highest. san jose, hardly
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just traces. the center of the storm is now on top of oz. we are going to get the heaviest rainfall in the next hour is on top of lost- and it could lighten up towards the morning. by tomorrow, we will see a break after this first system. that great a late morning early afternoon but that the second system will ride. here is futurecast at midnight. noting it will arrive. -- by the north bay, is on its way out of but bought the dry weather on mid-day. that is one that next band will come in with a steady rainfall for the evening. showers lingering on this sunday. that is what we could see your kron 4 7 day around the bay however by the afternoon i think that we will have a nice mix of clouds and sunshine. dry weather. and a late day sunday could be the best port of the weekend. monday,
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tuesday but on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving another storm arrives. some pretty decent amounts and chances for rain fall. >> new at 1181 have done in dollars and 24 hours that is how much the maker of the new video came 'call of duty: black ops 2' reported in retail sales in the first day of the games release. if the performance makes a day in the " call of duty " series the biggest entertainment release for the fourth straight year. it's more than a halo 4 another highly anticipated video came release simply released. that game made to order $20 million. >> also, the wii u will be on sale soon with new technology. $300. he gabe
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slate tech report deval i got by yomy first wireless game pad controller of this is a sneak peek at one of the great tech products. here is the council is flat and larger than the original wii. and a full high- definition graphics, the visual, th g games looked crisp and more shark. and it has a touch screen tablet with more-sharp imagery. a second screen with a touch screen tablet device with a new ways to interact and also a regular controller with a joystick and buttons. you can use this as a hand-held scanning system. if you or near your wii u system. and this could be handy if somebody needs the television but you want to continue playing this game. depending on the
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controller, you can use this in a different way. you can use the touch screen to shoot and sync and take a look at it if they get larger they could even make them selves smaller onto the hand held. the second screen could be usi a mary many different wa with the super mario brothers using this in a very different- with one person having the game had it is like the overlord of the game. the operator can make it easy, heart five players by putting blocks in their path. making it-easy or hard--or it could be made it so difficult. these four people with the wiiu remorare running. and they're able to reveal a and hunted
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the coast and the coast is al funding fajita the ghost-is also the person was check to holding the controller. it is cool if you have and several people that are flying for a gain me. gabe slate tech report >> and sports the warriors started road trip in minnesota against the timber wolves. and the stanford basketball woman pilaf one of our regular greatest season victories every and hawaii. in hawaii, kerrey is coming of highlights. gary for stricter gary radnich
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>> good evening, everybody the most important game was in hawaii. take a look. number one bailor, with 42 in a row. 6 ft. 8 in. brittny griner hasn't lost in 42 games and chiney ogwumike, with the nice turnaround over grner and then ogwumike htis the 3 ponter as important as a
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regular season as they have had in many. taylor greenfield. final 71-69. stanford. >> take a look of the warriors tried to go over a game. and david lee gets the feed inside and slams it down, 51-50 warriors and 1006-98 warriors and denver...againsta cal mike
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montgomery giving the ref a hard time justin cobbs with the drive and layup 47-42 cal allen crabb 3 pointer his 1,000th point at cal 72-61 cal...
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with no end in sight for the national hockey ball leak minor league hockey. here we go, alex tuckerman of the sf bulls and the scott vs idaho steelheads and 4-jim harbaugh returns. >> i had recently gone to stanford for treatment of an irregular heartbeat that i had pretty much my entire life. we will be ready for
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monday. >> of melody cabrera milky... if you are going to cheat make sure that you get paid. he gets a two year contract at $60 million. 16 million -- [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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